Terms & Conditions

Your Instructor will carry suitable Motor Insurance covering the pupil while driving the tuition vehicle under tuition by the Instructor,and also when accompanied by an examiner for the purposes of the Official Driving Test.     
The pupil agrees that he/she is properly licenced to drive the tuition vehicle.

The pupil agrees to pay for the course or lessons, whichever is appropriate, prior to commencement of the tuition.

The Instructor will provide the pupil with written confirmation of the lesson fees.

The above fees must be paid on the day of the lesson or on the day of the first of 10 lessons as applicable. Payment in arrears is not acceptable.

All cheques to be made payable to Don Williams 

The pupil will give the Instructor a minimum of 1 day (24 hours) notice of cancelling a lesson, failing which the pupil will remain liable to pay for the lesson.
The  Instructor reserves the right to withold use of the tuition vehicle for the Official Driving Test, if in the opinion of the Instructor,the pupil has not  reached the required standard. 
If using own vehicle it is the responsibility of the pupil to ensure that it is adequately Insured for use during tuition and on the Driving Test.
A driving Test accompanied by your Instructor will normally consist of a minimum 2 hour session (i.e. : 1 hour warm up, then 1 hour Test and drive home). These 2 hours are charged at the normal hourly rate and do not include the Test fee which will have been paid directly to the D.S.A.