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Three out of five full licence holders fail

(October 24, 2009)

Three out of five fail!

New research by Which? Car has shown just how quickly standards can deteriorate after passing the driving test.

Three of the five motorists who retook their tests for the latest edition of the magazine failed including 21-year-old Emily Wells, who had held her licence for less than three years.

She picked up 17 driving faults during her retest; two more than the accepted number for a pass. But it wasn't only new drivers who failed.

Tim Pitt, 30, picked up 11 faults, but one was serious, forgetting to signal off a roundabout, so he failed too. And an anonymous 54-year-old participant notched up two serious faults.

But Which? Car deputy editor Claire Evans, 44, and retired 64-year-old Jim Hart both passed the test, picking up nine and 11 standard faults respectively.

Which? Car editor Richard Headland said: "As the driving test is getting tougher, it's a good time to reassess your skills – or lack of them. We recommend that even experienced drivers take refresher or advanced driving courses over the years, which not only improve driving, but may also lower insurance premiums."

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