Lesson Prices

A very common question I am asked is " how many lessons will I need to reach test standard ". The best answer I have for that is between one and a half and double your age. So, at 17 years old you will need on average about 25 - 35 lessons.
This figure can be reduced if you are lucky enough to be able to practice privately with a friend or relative,but it can also be more if there are any difficult problems or previous bad habits to get rid of!   
We highly recommend 1½ or 2 hour driving lessons. The rate of learning will increase, therefore the overall hours (and cost) will decrease. These longer driving lessons enable you to fully practice subjects whilst taking advantage of the discounted rate.
We aim to offer a reliable, professional service achieving test standard promptly at a fixed competitive price.
We ensure that all our lessons are on a one to one basis,no transportation of fellow pupils at anytime.
Hours required reach test standard are dependant on any past experience and each indivduals own ability.

Lesson Prices
1 Hour.....£38                       
1.5 Hour.....£57
2 Hour.....£76
10 Hours paid in advance £360
Motorway Lesson 2 Hour-£80